exchange method implementation using runtime.

If you search ‘method_exchangeImplementations’ by Google. you will found a Apple Api Reference Link:

A method_exchangeImplementations method’s declaration quote on this page.but that did not have any description and not any discussion talked about.I’m trying to call the method for exchange method but it is not work for me.
Fortunately,the discussion quote another method that is easy to use and work for me.
import objc/runtime.h first.

So,all of loadView method exchange with ‘inject’ method in your project. if you call the ‘loadView’ method it will be executing ‘inject’ method’s implementation.

convert excel csv to sqlite. the first you should export your excel file as csv file type. your ‘terminal’.
3.execute command ‘sqlite3 data.sqlite’ for create a database. you hava a database,next to convert enter the following code in the sqlite mode: also can write the code of step 4 into a ‘.sql’ file.then you enter .read YOURSQLFILENAME.sql it will be execute the codes.